Who is Lady Butterfly?

My name is Stefania

i have Rome in my heart and the entire world map in my thoughts. I love to travel with a suitcase but also just with the fantasy, alone but even more with my family. After many years I decided to turn my passion into my job and I designed, restored and furnished in detail this apartment, thinking about the house where I would like to stay for a few days if I went to a big city. I am sure that, here, you will manage to fall in love with my Rome: so chaotic and energetic, but at the same time elegant and charming. You need to enjoy its flavour, just like you do with a good coffee or with a glass of wine: you need to be comfortable, surrounded by beauty. And if you will bring in your heart even just a little memory of this apartment together with the other unforgettable memories of your stay in the eternal city, then it will be a new travel for my fantasy.